Shaving Milk by Dear Beard

Name: Shaving Milk.

Category: Pre-shaving Cream.

Target: Beard.

How: 1.Moisten beard with hot water.

         2.Spread evenly and massage over damp beard.

         3.After step 2, apply shaving cream, your beard should be feel softer.

         4.Shave as normal and rinse when you finish.

When: As a pre-step before shaving cream.

Recommended for: Thickest beards.

Pros: Softening action. Hydrates and nourishes. Gentle shave. Reduce irritation.

My favorite because… To be honest I have never used or heard about a pre-shaving cream until Dear Beard’s Milk. First I did not know how to use it, like an after-shave or a shaving cream, but after a little research realized shaving milks work as a softener and moisturizer for beards, with the only purpose of promotes a gentle shave with shaving cream -softening hair-. I know this kind of products are a plus in a grooming kit, but if you are taking care of your beard it is time to start thinking to purchase a shaving milk, and achieves a complete shaving experience.

Price: 11,60 € (150 ml)

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