Splash of Dust

Splash of Dust

It is time to try different ingredients and formulas. Powders are a great option to start. You will find a wide range of products aimed to different concerns of your skin.

One of the most enjoyable parts for me in beauty industry, is the chance to try all different innovations of each brand. Powders are one of my favorites, and I think these kind of products will be on trend for a long time, because we can find a wide range of well-developed formulas targeted to different grooming concerns. Now it is time for you to give a chance to this dusty-beauty. I am sure you are going to love it!

1.Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub, Bioré. If you want to exfoliate you face in a gentle way this scrub is aimed for you. Just add water to activate the cleanser-scrub, less water you pour more effective to finish with dead skin. The key ingredient is Biore’s special baking soda, leaving face free of oil and well pH balanced.

2.One Minute Glow Powder Daily Micropeeling, Givenchy. A great cleanser for a city man. Stop using the classic bar soap to cleanse the face, your skin needs a more powerful tool for recover of daily pollution. This powder cleans, hydrates and micro-peel -in a very gentle way- all dirtiness of your face. A plus in Givenchy’s product is the amazing smell of freshness left on your skin.

3.Lué’s Skin Solution Set, Step 1: Erase, Lué. If you are running out of time Lué’s scrub is a great option. Just leave it over your face for 3 minutes, remove it, and you will be ready to continue with your routine. Besides organic out flour, as a natural ingredient works perfect over the skin, leaving it free of impurities and unpleasant irritations.

4.Finishing Powder, Karin Herzog. If you always fight with shiny skin, this natural-powder will be an option to get rid of it. Use it as the final touch on yours grooming routine. Brush evenly over your face, and you will notice for all daylong that your skin stays matt. The thin lightweight mineral-powder lets your skin and pores breathe freely.

5.The Greench Deodorant Powder, Lush. Sweaty guys this deodorant will be your best ally. The green powder will keep your pits dry and always with an herbal scent. The secret is in Lycopodium, a type of plant with an amazing repelling water effect. Lush’s formula automatically repels water and your armpits will be dry and fresh the whole day.

Photography: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

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