Second Day Finishing Cream by Unite

Name: Second Day Finishing Cream.

Category: Styling cream.

Target: Hair.

How: 1.Rub a small amount evenly between hands, the product must be turn transparent.

         2. Apply on dry hair and style as desired.

When: Daily.

Recommended: For greasy hair and long haircut.

Pros: Weightless finish. Natural texture. Matte texture.

My favorite because… Unite, a hair-care salon brand based on San Diego that inspires all of its products in Pacific sandy coasts vibes. My favorite part of this finishing cream is the lightweight and matte texture over the hair. You just need to apply a small amount over hair to achieve a great natural finishing with long-lasting effect for the whole day. In addition I really loved the scent of Second Day, slightly reminds me the smell of Play-Do clays.

Price: $24 (57g)

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