Out of the Blue


We have selected and gathered the most emblematic blue-tone fragrances, to reveal you the specific bluish-inspiration of each one.

Color blue always has associated with a lot of meanings, one of the most commons could be masculinity, freedom or confidence. Perfumery houses know this and have created a great collection of scents inspired in this popular color. Now it is time to find the particular meaning given to each one.

1.Dior Homme Sport, Dior. The dynamism of lightest-blue. The freshness and the energy of this fragrance recall us the whole range of tonalities that we can find in a sunrise. A great transitional scent for autumn season.

2.New York, Z Zegna. The urban shades of blue. This color was chosen by the Italian brand to portrayed the scent of the American-Fashion-City. A mix of stylish herbs with a hint of rum, show us how a city man should smell.

3.Boss Bottled Tonic, Hugo Boss. The peacefulness of baby blue. Stare the ocean or the endless sky give us a sense of tranquility, Boss reinterpreted this calming sensation with a refreshing mix of ginger and cinnamon.

4.L’Homme Ideal Sport, Guerlain. The romantic scent of blue. This perfume present us the sweetest and hypnotic side of the color. A great mix of species and aquatic notes, become in an enchanting masculine scent.

5.Gentlemen Only Casual Chic, Givenchy. The easy-going sky blue. As color blue goes well in every fashion look, this gent-aroma fits perfect with every man. The lightness of the spicy-wood accords understands perfectly any circumstance.

6.Extreme Night, Michael Kors. The wild side of deep-blue. The night sky has a lot of color intensities, likewise a party night could give us great memories. Anyhow you will always need an invigorating aroma to accompany those nocturnal moments.

Photography: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

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