A few days ago we had the chance to talk with Pablo Schenfeld, an expert in Dior’s fragrances. He presented us the new launch of the House, a new wild way to wear fragrance for the modern gent.

As a first impression you could think it is a fancy deodorant or maybe a new moisturizer of Sauvage’s line, at least  that were my thoughts when Pablo show me the deep-blue bottle.

While we were talking I found that this plastic-bottle-like was Dior’s new bet: A fragrance, Sauvage Very Cool Spraywith an innovative -and exclusive- air-powered system, giving it a new fresh interpretation to the classic fragrance Sauvage.

The scent of the fragrance is the same -a raw-wild fresh lightweight aroma with a new hint of grapefruit-, the face isthe same -Johnny Depp, a new kind of gent-rebel personality, matching perfect with the scent- The only difference is the packaging, an unbreakable bottle that you could take to anywhere and apply at any time.

Very Cool Spray, perfectly understands the new way of living of modern man. A gent who doesn’t get afraid of buy a whole kit of skin-care and also feels free to try as many 

scents as needed to find the correct one. A transportable fragrance aimed for a multitask man, this fragrance easily fits in the active sport-man’s gym bag, in the well-mannered business-man’s briefcase or in the backpack of an easy-going world trotter.



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