Aquatic Kingdom

Aquatic Kingdom

The oceanic world has been a main inspiration to develop the most amazing beauty products. Find out the brands who make the most of aquatic ingredients.

  Mostly algae and other marine elements are the main ingredients in the following products. Due to the regenerative, hydrating and cleaning properties these oceanic plants are the favorites of brands’ scientifics and their costumers.

1. La Mer. Definitely this high-end brand has to heads the list. After years of testing with sea elements, Dr. Max Huber created Miracle Broth. A mix of Pacific algae with healing and regenerative properties for the skin. This Revitalizing Serum is a proof of how the formula successfully works against aging effects. Aquatic Ingredient: Miracle Broth.

2. Clinique For Men. Over the years skin care formulas with oceanic ingredients have improved their performance over men’s skin. A great example is Maximum Hydrator, with algae extract, a water-gel and ultra-hydrating formula  with innovative -and very cool- liquid-spheres of antioxidants to moisturize skin. Aquatic Ingredient: Algae Extract.

3. The Chemistry Brand. Algae, are the most used aquatic ingredient in beauty industry. Thanks to their regenerative and restoring properties, these organisms are really popular in oils and serums to improve the look of scars and stretch marks just like the Retin-Oil by The Chemistry Brand. Aquatic Ingredient: Deep-sea Red Algae

4. Bosley. From head to toe, you can find a whole range of products with marine extracts. We already checked skin care and body formulas, now it is time to for scalp. Bos-Defense Step 3, is the last part of a treatment where kelp -a kind of seaweed- with some herbs work together to achieve a healthy hair. Aquatic Ingredient: Kelp Extract.

5. Ab Crew. Are you looking for a six-pack? Marine ingredients can help to carve your body. Of course is just a little of support, it does not mean that you can skip daily routine of crunches. The secret in Cutting Body Hydrator is the marine complex who targets fat below the skin making you look much more defined. Aquatic Ingredient: Marine Complex (Red Algae and Shark Liver Oil).

6. Estée Lauder. Oceanic formulas besides to be ideal to keep a healthier skin and all the regenerative properties, also works for the simplest tasks of grooming needs. The whole line of Nutritious -with algae- are effective for cleaning and moisturizing the skin, leaving it free of impurities and pollution.  Aquatic Ingredient: Micro-Algae.

Photography: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

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