Sunshine, Beach and Summertime

Sunshine, Beach and Summertime

Wearing these products will keep you save from sun, UV rays and skin irritation throughout summer-break.

Everybody enjoys during vacation a good time at the beach or spending time swimming at the pool. But you do not have to forget take care of your skin to avoid the annoying  sunburns and skin irritations. From head to toe, before and after, we have selected the top products to keep you well-protected during this hot season.

1.Lip Balm, Eos. Lips are one of the most sensitive skin-parts of our body. Protect them of UV rays and slow down aging effects with a SPF lip balm. Active Protection by Eos balances just right the solar protection with a lemon-zesty taste.

2.Sunscreen, Hawaiian Tropic. An essential product. We have advised you a lot of sunscreens -there are many really good- and one of our favorites is Island Sport. A classic formula with new twists: ultra-light formula, slightly scented and a sporty-beach-mood.

3.Hair Treatment, Moroccanoil. As men we have to take an extra care of our scalp more than women. Keep it safe from sunlight, chlorine and even salt water, with Glimmer Shine treatment by Moroccanoil, you just have to spray it a couple of minutes before go out outdoors.

4.Self Tanner, Clinique For Men. If you are not into sunbaths -and do not recommend it- but you are looking for the perfect tan, the Face Bronzer by Clinique is a great option. Apply a very small amount over your face -works too for the body- and get a natural ‘fake(healthy)-tan’ for summer.

5.Aftersun Cream, Genové. We are in love with this product! Genosun post-solar cream works perfect hydrating and soothing and repairing the skin’s cells after a long day of sun exposure. It is as important as a sunscreen apply this type of healing formulas.

Photography: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

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