Name: Powdered Sunshine.

Category: Sunscreen.

Target: Body.

How: 1. After clean and dry the skin apply an amount over your palms.

             2.Spread evenly over body parts exposed to sunlight.

              3. Let skin absorbs it.

              4.After applying it wash your hands to remove the excess of powder

When: Daily.

Recommended for: Oily skins.

Pros: Natural ingredients. Innovative formula. Non-stick. Medium protection (SPF15). Odorless. Against Animal-testing

My favorite because… In the 20’s there was only one option in sunscreen’s formula: White and oily and strong scented. Nowadays, thank God, there are a lot more options. One of my favorites is powder sunscreen, because does not leave skin with a sticky sensation and gets rid of shiny -greasy- effect. Powdered Sunshine by Lush, in addition of all natural and eco-friendly and against animal testing philosophies, the powder keeps skin safe from sun rays and gives a matte tone. The SPF is 15, that is why I recommend to reapply it every two hours.

Price: £6.95 (70 ml)

Posted by:Alfonso Luna-Soto

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