Name: Face Bronzer by Clinique For Men.

Category: Self Tanner.

Target: Face and Body.

How: 1. After clean and moisturize apply a very small amount over your palms.

            2.Spread evenly over your face, neck, arms and desired body parts who wants to self-tan.

            3. Let skin absorbs it.

            4. To remove just wash it off with cleanser.

When: Everyday.

Recommended for: Light skin.

Pros: Tinted. Odorless. Oil-free. Lightweight formula.

My favorite because… If you are looking for a perfect ‘fake-tan’ during summertime, first of all you have to forget about tanning beds, which are not an option because leads to premature skin aging and, in worst cases, increase the risk of cancer. The right -and simplest- choice are self tanner creams. My favorite, by far, is the Face Bronzer by Clinique For Men, which absolutely works great on men’s skin, the odorless and oil-free formula merges with the tone of your skin. Just be careful, the whiter you are the less product you have to apply, a pea-sized amount will be more than enough to ‘tan’ the whole face.

Price: $19.50 (60 ml)

Posted by:Alfonso Luna-Soto

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