Glimmer Shine by Moroccanoil

Name: Glimmer Shine.

Category: Hair spray protector.

Target: Hair.

How: Do not miss: Spray it 25 cm away from hair, if you do not do this the hair will look super greasy.

             1.Spray the product over dry hair.

             2. Allow to dry it for 3 to 4 minutes -it is very important to do this to let dry the tiny pearls of oil – 

             3. Then you can work it with your hands or a comb to achieve the desire hairstyle.

When: Every day after shower. If your are on vacation or practice any aquatic sport apply it before start doing the activity.

Recommended for: All hair types.

Pros: Shiny hair. Natural ingredients. Protect hair agains sunlight and chlorine.

My favorite because… During summertime you have to protect your body from head to toe. One of the weakest body parts for men is the scalp, hence you have to take an extra care of it. The Glimmer Shine spray of Moroccanoil is one of the few products particularly aimed to work as a shield for your hair. Protecting it against environmental elements, to be more specific: Sunlight, salt water and chlorine, this spray -due to the argan oil, vitamins and antioxidants within the formula- allows you to dive in the pool or the beach well-protected against the harmful factors.

Price: $28 (100 ml)

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