Super Fluid UV Mineral Defense SPF 50+ by Kiehl’s

Name: Super Fluid UV Mineral Defense SPF 50+.

Category: Sunscreen.

Target: Body.

How: 1. After clean and moisturize apply a small amount over your palms.

            2.Spread evenly over your face, neck, arms and other body parts who are exposed to sunlight.

            3. Let skin absorbs it.

When: Everyday.

Recommended for: Sensitive skins and acne prone skin.

Pros: Broad spectrum protection. Tinted. Odorless. Dermatologic solution. Lightweight formula.

My favorite because… The main reasons because I have decided to choose Kiehl’s sunscreen as the best of the season, was due to the colorless-skin-tint that enhance the natural skin tone, so you could finally forget the ‘unnatural’ white tone of others sunscreens. And the other motive was thank to the fragrance-free formula, a very valuable factor when most of all sunscreen have that peculiar ‘beach-smell’. Unlike other SPF products, the packaging is small, but do not afraid, through the liquid-formula just a drop will be enough to spread all over the entire face.

Price: $38 (50 ml)

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