L’Homme Cologne Cedrat by L’Occitane

Name: L’Homme Cologne Cedrat.

Category: Spray Deodorant.

Target: Body odor.

How: 1.After the shower apply a few sprays over your dried armpits

         2.Wait a minute before getting dressed.

When: Daily.

Pros: Long-Lasting. Skin fresh all-day long. For all skin types. Perfumed effect.

My favorite because… L’Occitane has created a whole line inspired in the modern man. The line, L’Homme Cologne Cedrat, is conformed by a fragrance, a shower gel and the newest addition of a deodorant. This kind of ‘scented kits’ works perfect to achieve a complete Grooming Ritual. From head to toe you will be perfumed with the same masculine notes of cedar wood and watery notes. More precisely, with this deodorant will transform daily routines in a new sensorial experience, providing the perfect teammate to combine with the correct fragrance.

Price: $19 (130 ml)

One thought on “L’Homme Cologne Cedrat by L’Occitane

  1. Este spray desodorante de L’Occitane es extraordinario por su efectividad y su aroma masculino muy agradable que uno disfruta todo el día.


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