Tropical Voyage

Tropical Voyage

Six fragrances perfect for this new travel-trend.

‘The Travel Boom’ is the therm used by coolhunters to describe the new wave of globetrotters who are looking for unique experiences, find out unexplored places and get fascinating encounters with exotic cultures. To go in accordance with the ‘spirit’ of this travel-trend, we have chosen a group of strong scented fragrances to accompany you during your trip.

1.Polo Blue Eau de Parfum, Ralph Lauren. Main Note: Bergamot. Just like style-travel is reinventing it, the fragrances as well. The new Polo Blue edition goes perfect for those virgin islands in the Caribbean sea. The mix of bergamot, sage and suede results in a very fresh masculine scent.

2.L’Eau Kenzo Intense pour Homme, Kenzo. Main Note: Sea Water. One-of-a-kind scent, with an enthralling aroma inspired in Japanese citrus -lime and yuzu- combined with sea water notes. This fragrance will embrace you in a unique atmosphere.

3.L’Homme Cologne Cedrat, L’Occitane. Main Note: Cedrat. Nowadays Paris is not just the only place to focus on in France. Today the never-ending fields of French Provence region, with a notes of zesty cedar and watery from the Mediterranean, are in the top of mind of travelers.

4.Shanghai, Z Zegna. Main Note: Cardamom. One of the hottest spots to visit are the new world capitals, just like Shanghai. A balanced mix of species and flowers, makes it perfect to well-traveled men. You are going to love it since the first spray.

5.Hugo Iced, Hugo Boss. Main Note: Mint. If you are looking for a light aroma to keep you fresh during a trip over the Equatorial Belt, the herbal mix of mint, wild tea and vetiver are the best option. This cool combination of notes will make you feel iced.

6.Eau de Lacoste Pour Homme L.12.12. Magnetic, Lacoste. Main Notes: Violet and Bamboo. Far East countries are in the spotlight of globetrotters, Thailand,  Philippines and China to name a few. This spicy scent took extract emblematic ingredients, just like patchouli, bamboo and tea, to honor them.

Photography: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

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