Keep Hair Loss Under Control

Keep Hair Loss Under Control

If you are starting to see lower density of hair, you are still on time to fight back! The following grooming products are a truly ‘fighters’ against hair loss.

Stress, change in hormone levels, illness and as a hereditary process, are some reasons of hair losing. Hair loss is a natural process, that typically takes 15-25 years to go bald, but if you are starting to notice a rapid increase of loss of hair, it is the right time to take matters into your own hands and start fighting back against the unpleasant baldness.

1.Roots, Hair Treatment. Lush. Fine hair is one of first signs of male baldness. Shampoos are good options, but if you want to attack the problem literally from the roots this weekly treatment is perfect. Achieve a healthy scalp and add some volume to hair with Lush eco-friendly product.

2.Hair Pomade. GO24·7 Real Men. Apply to much hair-styling product and greasy-thick formulas could turn out to be as an important factor for hair loss. Always choose a water-based pomade, just like the one of GO24·7, and do not forget that with just small amount is more than enough for your hair.

3.Age Rescue Densifying, Shampoo. Lab Series. A formula to stop premature hair loss, for those who have just started to see premature hair aging and lower density. The powerful technology cleans and purifies and removes all dirtiness of scalp. An excellent way to fight premature baldness.

4/5.Energizing and Well-Being, Shampoos. Davines. For severely cases of male baldness this powerful duo are the best allies. Alternate them each day, Energizing is the one who will thicken and fortify your hair, meanwhile Well-Being will help to balance out and clean the scalp.

6.Anti Hair-loss, Lotion. Pilopeptan. A Spanish brand with a wide range of options to combat hair loss. Tablets, shampoos and lotions, the last one works as an external agent to strengthen the scalp and stimulate hair growing. Do not miss, let hair rest up at least one month after ending up of use Pilopeptan’s lotion.

7.Perfect Hair Day Night Cap, Moisturizer Cream. Living Proof. Once a week applies this formula before to go to sleep. The weightless solution helps to achieve a healthy hair and makes it look shiner. This Living Proof product is like the icing on the cake for hair loss treatments.

Photography: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

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