The Uniqueness of Commodity

‘Unique’, one of the best words to describe the lifestyle of this generation. Every person nowadays is looking to stands out because of their uniqueness, and are in a constant search for the most rare and costum-made products, including the ones in the beauty-grooming area.

We had the opportunity to talk with Ash Huzenlaub, CEO of Commodity, and he told us about the ‘uniqueness’ in his artisan-niche fragrances and the New Platinum Collection.

_Does Commodity could be considered as a niche fragrance?

Niche fragrance brands are those that have a narrow or limited distribution channel. A true niche fragrance would not be easily accessible. Commodity is available today only through one retailer, Sephora, and on our own online shops which are available in the US, UK and Europe.

_’Behind every bottle is a story’ is Commodity’s motto.What is the story behind the new Platinum Collection?

‘Signature Scent’, Commodity’s unisex fragrances are unique and modern to express yourself. Platinum Collection is rich and indulgent and luxurious. Besides you can take further the fragrance layering or what we call ‘Scent Cocktails’ and that ensures you become niche yourself in whatever room you may enter.

_ Why does Commodity stand out from the others perfumery brands?

Commodity’s fragrances are unisex. If you love our fragrances, wear them. Do not let a marketing label determine what you enjoy. Whether male or female, niche and indie fragrances allow you to tell your own unique story without words.

Posted by:Alfonso Luna-Soto

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