Hugo Iced by Hugo Boss

Name: Hugo Iced.

Category: Eau de Toilette.

Target: Body.

How: 1.Spray over neck, joints and shoulders.

When: 3 times a day.

Main notes: Mint, Wild Tea and Vetiver.

Aroma: Fresh, Frozen, Millennial, Energetic.

My favorite because…. If you are looking for a fresh fragrance for summer time, Hugo Boss released the perfect option. A cool combination of light notes that makes you feel iced the whole day. Without a doubt the high concentrated ‘iced’ mint -named that way by Hugo Boss perfumers- and wild tea add a powerful freshness to the fragrance.

Type of man: According to Hugo Boss, the new type of man -the millennial to be more specific- has to own a daring and powerful and dynamic personality. The chosen ambassador to represent this updated man is Zac Efron, a great example of the ultimate embodiment of modern masculinity.

Perfect for a: A night out in the city with all the hipster-scene, regardless of you are not one them. Perfect to use at an open space to add some scented hints of millennial-urbanism.

Price: $$$ (100 ml)

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