Fresh Pressed 7-Day System with Pure Vitamin C by Clinique

Name: Fresh Pressed 7-Day System with Pure Vitamin C.

Category: Booster.

Target: Aging Effects .

How: The Powder:

         1.Pour the powder into hand and add water and work into lather.

         2.Gently massage over skin and leave it on for a minute.

         3.Rinse well.

         The Booster:

         1.Only for the first use:

                                                   1.1 Remove the foil.

         2. Before each use:

                                                   2.1 Firmly press inner bulb twice (this will release Vitamin C powder into the emulsion)

                                                  2.2 Shake well for 15 seconds and the remove the cap.

                                                  2.3 Add two drops with your moisturizer to power up your regular routine.

Illustration by Clinique

When: Daily with your moisturizer at night.

Recommended for: All skin types over 35 years old.

Main Ingredient: Vitamin C.

Pros: Refresh. Radiant Skin. Even-toned. Powerful and Potent Formula. Innovative Packaging.

What is a Booster? A booster is a high concentrated formula of active ingredients, even more than a serum. All boosters are aimed to improve the efficacy of skin care product, therefore you have to mix it with moisturizers, serum or oils to augment their effects over the skin.

My favorite because… A powerful and efficient treatment to counteract the aging effects -a perfect product for men who didn’t take care of their appearance before- Nowadays it is not enough for a man to apply just a simple moisturizer cream to achieve a flawless skin. High-end formulas, innovative products and high concentrated ingredients are the newest trends to obtain a neat look. Clinique had developed an easy-to-use system full of Vitamin C to take care of our skin, a set of powders combined with a booster are just enough to leave your skin with a youthful glow and without of trace of skin impurities.

Price: $27 (seven single-use packettes and Daily Booster)

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