O2 Active Eye Serum by Task Essential

Name: O2 Active Eye Serum.

Category: Eye Cream.

Target: Eye puffiness, dark circles and reduce wrinkles.

How: 1.Apply one pump over your fingertips.

         2.Spread evenly and gently over entire eye area, focusing on both eyelids.

         3. Let the skin absorbs it.

When: At night.

Recommended for: All skin types over 30 years old.

Main Ingredients: Oxygen Molecules and Green Tea Extracts.

Pros: Non-greasy. Refreshing formula. Revitalizing. Innovative formula. Niche brand.

My favorite because… Sometimes we are looking for grooming products that instantly relief our skin tiredness. Task Essential, a new niche-brand from Switzerland, created an eye serum with an immediately energize effect over the eye area. The secret? Is the main ingredient of this serum: Oxygen molecules. As we age, the oxygen in our body is depleted, like others essential vitamins, proteins and natural substances. Therefore, products with high concentration of oxygen molecules are a perfect option to get a youthful appearance of skin, repairing and revitalizing the aging effects. A couple of minutes after applied the eye serum, you feel how your eyes are getting refresh, boosting the whole zone with a charge of oxygen.

Find it on: www.thesilverdeer.com

Price: $54 (20 ml)

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