Clean Break Oil-Free Moisturizer by Jack Black

Name: Clean Break Oil-Free Moisturizer.

Category: Moisturizer Cream.

Target: Shiny and oily faces.

How: 1. After cleanse the face and neck, apply one pump over your palm.

         2.Spread evenly all over the face and neck. If you need another pump apply it.

         3. Let the skin absorbs it.

When: Twice-daily, morning and night.

Recommended for: This moisturize works well for all skin types.

Main Ingredient: Organic Tea; protects against free radical damage. Niacinamide; improves skin’s elasticity and evens skin tone.

Pros: Odorless. Lightweight formula. Antioxidant. Easy-to-dispense. Organic ingredients.

My favorite because… ‘Pure and simple’ are the words used by Jack Black to describe its product, and I think they work perfect! Exclusively aimed for masculine skins, the Clean Break Moisturizer, leaves the skin hydrated and shine-free finished. You only have to apply it one time, in the morning, and your skin will look flawless during the whole day, regardless of all the activities you have in a busy day. This is one of the best moisturizes I have ever tried, definitely Jack Black’s products and formulas are getting better through the years.

Price: $30 (97 ml)

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