TH Bold by Tommy Hilfiger

Name: TH Bold.

Category: Eau de Toilette.

Target: Body.

How: 1.Spray over neck and joints.

When: 3 times a day.

Main notes: Tangerine, Grapefruit, Pomelo, Mandarin Blossom and Jasmine.

Aroma: Citric. Fresh. Spring. Sporty. Strong. Tennis. Youthful. Masculine. Teenager.

My favorite becauseā€¦ I am not too much into citric fragrances, but I have to admit it, this fragrances is a masterful mix for including some of the most popular citrus fruits in perfumery. From the classy bergamot to the freshness of pomelo, TH Bold will perfume your body with an energetic sensation of masculinity and sporty.

Type of man: The image of TH Bold is the famous tennis player Rafael Nadal. So I can deduce that this fragrance has been aimed for all those sporty men, specially the ones who practice tennis. Due to the citric freshness I recommend this scent for teenagers, this kind of aromas goes perfect with their energetic personalities.

Perfect for a: To use as your daily fragrance if you are a teen. But if you are older it is better to use only in a sportive event.

Price: $$$ (100 ml)

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