The Grooming Essentials

The Grooming Essentials

A body crème, a shower gel and a deodorant are some of the grooming products that every man should own. For this reason I will show you up the complete list of grooming essentials. Just do not forget to take a second look, because these basics products are not too basics, all of them are high-end grooming products, that will fascinate you since the first time of apply them.

1.Body Crème: Once you try a Jo Malone’s body crèmes you will cling to them forever. Resembling the scents of the original fragrance, Basil & Neroli cream is a perfect aromatic option to spread all over the body.

2.Styling Cream: Living Proof always has been devoted to achieve the best hairstyling formulas. One of the most popular is the Thickening Molecule (PBAE) bringing fullness and thickness to hair, the main ingredient in the Amp Instant Texture Volumizer.

3.Lip Balm: Forget once for all of chapped lips with The Stick, the newest addition of Jack Black. A non-greasy lip balm, that will leave your lips nourished and refreshed, the secret to achieve this? The Peppermint and Jojoba Oil.

4.Shower Gel: Get a moment of well-being with Aromachologie collection by L’Occitane. This shower gel -and all the line products- combines the high concentration of plant’s benefits with natural scents. You will feel like in a Spa.

5.Bar Soap: Nowadays to clean your face is not enough the simplest bar soap. Now the right choice is an activated charcoal bar that deep-down cleans the dirt and oil of the pores. Bioré and its Pore Penetrating will leave your skin gleaming.

6.Shampoo: Hair-loss is one of the biggest concerns of most men. Vichy has developed a special line that targets this problems: Dercos. Its goal is to make the hair look thicker, denser and healthier.

7.Deodorant: Transform a common product in a new whole experience of grooming, that was the idea in Tom Ford’s beauty line. The Oud Wood, an exclusive ingredient in perfumery, now is present in a complete line of personal care.


Photography: Tanya Chavez @tanchv

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