A Relaxing Experience at St. Regis’ Spa

A Relaxing Experience at St. Regis’ Spa

One of the best options to celebrate this Valentine’s day is getting a relaxing body massage. Perfect for the people who live in a chaotic and stressful city. I live in Mexico City, one of the most chaotic and crazy cities of the world, so taking an hour or two for a wellness experience is a truly priceless time.

Last week I visited Remède Spa, the luxury-line of spas that you could find in every St. Regis hotel. ‘Timeless Romance Experience’ is the name of the relaxing treatment that I received (specific created to celebrate Valentine’s Day, been available only during February)

They started scrubbing my whole body, I had never experienced a body exfoliation, it really feels great, the salty grains all over the body, activated the brightness and freshness of each pore of my skin. After that, I took a ‘rainy’ shower to remove all the excess of the salty scrub.


Then I moved to another room to take the massage. The therapist perfumed all the room with a rosemary mint calming scent, I just lay in the bed and let my body relax. One of the things that drew most of my attention was the ‘wax massage’, an ancient technique used to relax each muscle of your body. At first it felts a bit hot but after a couple of seconds it just melted over my body.

Wellness experiences always are one of my favorite beauty treats, because it is a priceless restorative gift to your body. Scents, textures, sounds and many more features will transform an ordinary stressful day in a calming grooming experience.

If you live in Mexico City or planning to visit it during the next month, coupled or single – does not matter-, do not miss to try the ‘Timeless Romance Experience’. I am pretty sure that you will not regret.


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