Amp Instant Texture Volumizer by Living Proof

Name: Amp Instant Texture Volumizer.

Category: Styling cream.

Target: Hair.

How: 1.Rub a small amount evenly between hands, the product must be turn transparent.

         2. Apply and style as desired.

         3. Do not miss: Avoid direct application to scalp. This product has been designed for use on dry hair, so to achieve better results dried well your hair.

When: Daily.

Recommended: Medium hair with a short or long haircut. Besides works well for colored and chemically treated hair.

Main ingredient: A natural mix of citrus and patented Thickening Molecule (PBAE).

Pros: Add volumen.Flexible hold. Revitalized hair all day.

My favorite because… Living Proof is one of the beauty brands focused to explore and develop new products to achieve a perfect and healthy hair. Styling, protecting and treatment are some of Living Proof’s categories. Amp Instant Texture Volumizer, belongs to styling category, is a molding cream formulated for all kind of hair, paying attention to those that have been colored or chemically treated. As a plus, you will love the iconic citric scent, present in every product of the brand.

Price: $25 (57g)

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