Xtreme3 Sensitive Razor by Schick

Name: Xtreme3 Sensitive Razor.

Category: Razor.

Target: Facial hair.

How: 1.Hydrate your skin to soften hair.

         2.Apply shaving gel over bearded area.

         3.Start shaving in direction that hair grows with gentle strokes, do not force it, let razor do the work. Do not be afraid to apply more shaving gel if it is necessary to avoid skin irritation.

         4.Rinse well with warm water and apply an after shave lotion.

Recommended for: Sensitive skin, specially teenagers.

Main features: Three flexible blades, optimizing a better shaving. Ergonomic rubber handle for a comfortable shave. Lubricated blades with Vitamin E and Aloe.

My favorite because… Without doubt I recommend Schick Xtreme 3 Razor for teenagers, maybe you are guessing why? Because it has been designed for sensitive skins. The blades are lubricated with Vitamin E and Aloe, enhancing the blades glide over the skin. Furthermore the ergonomic and the easy-to-use design works perfect for an inexperience young man, as result this razor is one of the best shaving tools to learn the ‘art of shaving’

Price: $

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