The Best Fragrances of the Year

The Best Fragrances of the Year

I will show you the six fragrances that really fascinated my senses this year. Clearly all of them owns an amazing aroma. But in addition, some are a great example of a well-designed bottle, others have been inspired in amazing stories and finally, some of them contain exotic ingredients that make them stand out from all over the rest.

1.Basil & Neroli, Jo Malone: The British vibe of the 70’s in this contemporary world, is the inspiration of this fragrance. A really cool aroma, that can be combine with Blackberry & Bay. Do not forget Jo Malone’s essential motto of The Art of Fragrance Combining.

2. Gentlemen Only Absolute, Givenchy: The Gentlemen Only collection, knows very well the different sides of a man. Absolute, is perfect for a gent who loves the night life of a big city.

3. Vert D’Encens, Tom Ford: Tom Ford’s bottles timeless designs, always represent a signature of style and elegance to every scent. The fir and pine, makes it perfect to use during the winter, you will feel like actually into the woods.

4.Florentine Iris, Ermenegildo Zegna: The Italian brand explores the feminine side of a man. A mix of classy flowers -iris, violet, jasmine- and its expertise savoir a faire in perfumery, remember us that all scents can be wear by everyone.

5.Encens Satin, Armani Privé: Always less is more. In this occasion Giorgio Armani, took the less ingredients to creates one of the most luxurious collection of scents. The exotic frankincense is the star in this fragrance.

6.Dylan Blue, Versace: Sexiness, masculinity and rivalry, are some of the key words that defined Donatella Versace’s guy in this fragrance. An intense-fresh aroma, that will ad some fashionable-toughness to every man.


Photography: Tanya Chavez @tanchv

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