Mischief Aromas For Christmas

Mischief Aromas For Christmas

Jo Malone gives us a lot of reasons to celebrate this festive time. I wide variety of Christmas Kits and a new limited edition of a fragrance, are some of the gifts that I had choose to recommend you. #TheatreOfChristmas #JoMaloneLondonMX

Magic Chaos

Achieve a unique aroma with this black collection of scents perfect for this winter. Oud, Sandalwood and Rose are some of the intense and elegant notes chosen by Jo Malone to make this Christmas night unforgettable.


Unexpected Enchant

Orange Bitter is the new limited edition fragrance for this season. A sweet-intense aroma is the result of mixing amber and mandarin orange. Smelling this scent, reminds me the coziness of being around the fireplace in a winter night.


Fabulous Romance

One of my favorite gifts of Jo Malone is this Body Lotions Kit. The bath oil is perfect to share with your loved one in the bathtub, while the body wash and lotion will leave your skin well scented for the whole day.


Fantasy World

Now it is time to turn your entire home in a fantasy world of scents, with this miniatures candle collection. Light each of this five candles every time that you want to remember a special Christmas moment.


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