Firming Toner and Resurfacing Grains by Évolué

Name: Firming Toner and Resurfacing Grains.

Category: Scrub (Exfoliating Kit)

Target: Face Impurities.

How: 1. Pour two parts of the toner to one of the scrub. Blend them into get a homogenous mix.

         2.Gently spread the mix all over the face.

         3. Leave it on for 10 minutes.

        3.Rinse well, and continue with your moisturizer.

When: Once a week.

Recommended for: Sensitive skin.

Pros: Mix&match. No Animal Testing. Detox.

My favorite because… With Évolué’s treatment you have the chance to try out the products. Mixing the two formulas you achieve the perfect skin care for you. I really like this brand because you can see results in a short period of time, the high quality and natural ingredients are the secret to keep Évolué as one of top niche brands.

Price: $$

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