Bekcham’s new grooming project

Bekcham’s new grooming project

David Beckham and Biotherm worked together to launch a new grooming line. Continue reading to find everything you need to know about this tandem.

1.Biotherm Homme, was one of the first brands to take care of men’s grooming. Around the 80’s, Biotherm started to formulate products, based in aquatic ingredients, that perfectly work over men’s thick skin.

2.Aquapower, is the main product of Biotherm Homme, and now David Beckham is the face of the whole range of male products. Aquapower keeps moisturized the skin all day, thanks to its lightweight fresh formula.


3.The secret of Aquapower? It refresh your skin with an icy effect, around -2°C /35°F, the perfect temperature to maintain wrinkles under control.

4.In men, the signs of aging starts to be perceived around the 40 years old, for this reason Bekcham, 41 years old, is the masculine image of Biotherm. His tips to look perfect at his age are: Keeps the skin moisturized with a tonic, and fight the aging always with a serum for eyes and face.

5.Following you con watch the new ad campaign of Biotherm Homme x David Beckham, and you could find out more about this tandem.

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