Mustache’s Time

Mustache’s Time

Since 2003, Movemeber has been a movement focused on take action on men’s health. The main concern, is that men are dying too young, caused by different diseases like prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental illness. A symbolic action to support this project, is to let your mustache growth. I will give you four stylish options of mustaches styles, choose your favorite and be part of Movember. If you want to know more about this check the website:

1.English Mustache

A classic style for a classic guy. This is a narrow style, divided in two by the middle. Try to be precise using a razor or scissors, to define corners very well, and leave the mouth area clean of hair. Looks well in all types of men.


2.Painter’s Brush Mustache

To achieve this retro style you need to groom everyday the mustache. Keep it clean and trim the hair just right above the upper lip. Ad a touch of style cutting each side at the edge of the mouth. Finally the Painter’s Brush goes perfect for withe guys with dark hair.


3.Handlebar Mustache

This is one of the most popular styles, maybe because was adopted by hipsters. To achieve this look you need to let it growth enough to combed it and shaped it with some wax. I recommend this style only for  guys who are really big fans of mustaches, because you have to groom it daily.


4.Smooth Horseshoe Mustache

For all men who have an uneven mustache and beard growth, this is the right option. You do not need to have a full hairy mustache, just make it look natural. If you want to ad some style, let your beard growth in goatee style, just like the pic!


Credit Cover Collage-Photo: Lanvin FW 2013, Model: Francois Verkerk / Photographer: Steven Meisel.

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