Makeup for men

Makeup for men

I know that for most of the men, grooming could be an unexplored world. But I can tell that more and more guys are starting to get some interest in this beauty themes, choosing a fragrance or protecting his skin against the sun or aging, for mentioning some examples.

But I am sure that the most unexplored grooming-beauty topic for men is the one of makeup, even for me! But I cannot deny that makeup for men is an upcoming trend. If you thing I am going overboard, I will give you some examples of campaigns and brands that are starting to explore this ‘feminine’ side of a man.

1.CoverBoy Ad

Covergirl just has announced its first CoverBoy. Yeah I know it could be sounds outlandish (and awesome). Katy Perry was the person in charged of announce this new. The boy? Is James Charles, 17-year-old, an Instagram and Youtube influencer and makeup artist. He applies  makeup in a flamboyant and artistic way.


2.Exclusive Brands For Men

Another different case of men’s makeup is brands with a specific line for us. Mmuk Man, Formen and Tom Ford, are cosmetics houses specialized in profesional makeup for men. Concealers (to cloak imperfections), Beard Fillers, BB Creams (tinted blemish balm) and Brows Gel Combs, are some of the products that these brands consider a must to look flawless. These are a great option for guys who wants to try a natural masculine look.


3.All Sexes Makeup

Finally M.A.C, always has been a brand that enforces and celebrates diversity. Following its philosophy, M.A.C’s claim that is for All Ages, All Races and ALL SEXES. I you take a look at its stores, a wide range of salespersons are men. Also you could find that most of men makeup tutorials, the products used by youtubers are the ones of M.A.C, specially the Foundations, Concealers and Matt Bronzer to achieve a natural look.


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