Name: Le Jardin De Monsieur.

Category: Eau de Toilette.

Nose: Jean-Claude Ellena.

Target: Body.

How: 1.Spray over neck and joints.

When: 2 times a day.

Main notes: Kumquat (A Chinese citrus fruit), Jasmine and Mint.

Aroma: Fresh. Classy. Spicy. Citrus. Sensual. Vintage aroma.

My favorite because… Hermés is a synonym of elegance and savoir-faire in all the products under the signature of this french brand. Le Jardins, is a collection of fragrances developed by nose Jean-Claude Ellena, she take us to a trip to all the great variety of smells that we can find in a garden. Le Jardin De Monsieur has been inspired in the Chinese gardens, the key oriental ingredient in this fragrance is the Kumquat, a small Chinese fruit with a strong citric aroma.

Type of man: A man with strong personality, who is respected at his work.

Perfect for a: This fragrance is unisex. I recommend to use it as your signature aroma. If you work in an office and want to achieve a good impression of your boss this will help you to get it.

Price: $96 (100 ml)

Posted by:Alfonso Luna-Soto

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