Cucumber Gel Mask by Peter Thomas Roth

Name: Cucumber Gel Mask.

Category: Mask.

Target: Dry and Irritated skin.

How: 1.After cleansing skin, apply a generous amount onto face.

         2.Leave it on for at least 10 minutes.

         3.Rinse well. (If you want to get better results keep the mask in a very cool place)

When: Two times a week before bedtime.

Recommended for: Dry skin. This is perfect for all the Millenials and Z Generation guys, who wants to start taking care of their skin.

Main Ingredients: Cucumber, Papaya and Pineapple.

Pros: Detox effect. Soothe. Hydrate. Ultra-lightweight Formula. Ultra-gentle Mask. Detoxify.

My favorite because… I am big fan of all grooming products where their main ingredient is cucumber. A plant with an amazing refreshing properties, that could soothe and calm the driest skin. The Cucumber Gel Mask from PTR, it is a great mix of revitalizing natural fruits, that you could also use them for make a juice, but in this case is time to extract all the vitamins and benefits to leave your skin super hydrated. I recommend to use it after a long day of being exposure to the sun, your skin will be very gratefully for the treatment.

Price: $52 (150 ml)

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