Name: Lipikar Gel Lavant.

Category: Shower Gel.

Target: Face and body.

How: 1.During the shower, pour a small amount on a loofa (to obtain better results).

           2.Massage gently all over the body and face.

           3.Rinse well.

When: Daily during the shower.

Recommended for: Sensitive skins. The soap-free and paraben-free formula, makes it perfect to clean intimate areas.

Pros: Paraben-free. Odorless. Natural Ingredients. Sensitive Skin. pH. Dermatology.

My favorite because… If you are looking for a shower gel to be use for all your family members, this is a great option. An odorless formula that respects the physiological pH of every skin. In a personal opinion, I prefer to use this shower gel only on my face, because the soothing and gently ingredients, specially the shea butter, helps to keep skin out of irritation. Besides, you can also use it at night as a cleanser, before applying a mask or a specific treatment.

Price: $16 (200ml)

Posted by:Alfonso Luna-Soto

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