The Trendiest Haircuts

The Trendiest Haircuts

Back to the 50’s

If you want to back to the 50’s decade, maybe you could start changing your haircut. To achieve this Greaser style, you will need an extra hold pomades and a good comb. To look more stylish, ask your barber for a small fade on the sides. This haircut fits perfect if you are a white collar.


Geometric buzz cut

Super short sides with a geometric twist at the top. Or maybe if you are more avant-garde, you could transform your scalp in a work of art with geometric designs. I suggest this buzz cut for urban guys, who loves street art and try out new looks.


Grey the new black

Grey hair, Silver Fox or Platinum Blonde. Call it what you want, but this, is one of the hottest hair trends of the season. If you are a lucky man with gray hair, you nail it! But if you are too young for grey hair, you could light your hair to platinum blonde.


Classy Gent

Now is time to get serious, because this classy pompadour haircut is only for real gents. A versatile style, that looks good in a fancy dinner or even in a party night. Just ask to your barber for a symmetric cut at sides, leaving a long pompadour.


Platinum short cut

Finally, the new fashionista-twist of English skinheads. A super short haircut, if you are in the mood you could dye it too, and leave your beard grow for three days. The perfect haircut for summer time!


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