The right formulas for your hair

I am pretty sure that one of the most popular concerns for men about grooming is: Hair care. Get the best products for the scalp, hair loss treatments and even look for the newest trends in haircuts. For this reason, I think it is important to know the correct kind of products, formulas and ingredients that we have to look for when we are about to choose a hair product, does not matter if is a styling pomade, a shampoo or a mousse. In this article you will find a couple of recommendations.

1.Always search for natural ingredients. Shampoos and styling products that include in their formulas plants extracts as an active ingredients, are the best to achieve a healthy care. In addition, it will help you to prevent hair loss. Some of the best natural ingredients are: Grapefruit, Macadamia Oil, Rosemary, Argan Oil and Sage.

2.Talking about hair loss, here is a great tip to choose the right product to prevent it. In addition of choosing the formulas with natural ingredients, always pick the ones with vitamins A (controls production of sebum), B (provides the correct nutrients to the hair) and E (helps body’s blood circulation). Vitamins work as powerful ingredient that protects your hair.

3.Now it is time to talk of styling products, gels, mousses and pomades. Choose the ones with a water base formula. This kind of products are less harmful to scalp and are easier to remove at the end of the day. A good tip that I give you, is to apply your styling product right away after the shower, due to your hair stills wet you will need to apply less amount of the product.

Credit: David Beckham’s photo from H&M collection

Posted by:Alfonso Luna-Soto

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