Shaving Tips

Shaving Tips

Sometimes we are in a rush and do not have time to go to the barbershop to groom our beard. If you identify with this situation, continue reading this article because I am about to give you some tips to have the perfect shaving at your home.

Prepare Your Beard

Your beard needs to be lubricated and soften before shaving. The best way to achieve this, is applying a warm towel 2 or 3 times over your face for 1-2 minutes each time. After doing this is time to apply the shaving cream.

Sharp Razor Blade

The razor blades always need to be sharp. If you use a dull blade will be more traumatic to the skin and will leaves it with a scratchy sensation. I think every two weeks is the right time to replace your razor. Regardless depends in how often do you shave and in the thickness of your beard.

Keep It Moisturize

To avoid skin irritation when you are shaving, is a must keep your beard moisturized all the time. The best option to do this is spreading shaving cream as often as needed. Choose the ones with a creamy-lather texture and avoid the ones that are only foam.

Soothe After Shaving

Finally is time to get rid off redness and irritation. It is very important apply an after shaving lotion or cream, because your skin will be remain vulnerable, besides with the razor you can even remove up two layers of skin. Choose a formula which is not greasy, quickly absorb and matte finish.

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