Name: Survive Hair Activating Lotion.

Category: Moisturizer and Protective Hair Lotion.

Target: Dry Hair.

How: 1.After clean and towel-dried hair, spray 4-5 times directly to hair.

         2.Lightly massage with your finger tips to spread the lotion evenly all over the hair.

         3.Leave it in hair, also works as a hair styler.

When: Everyday after taking a shower.

Recommended for: All types of healthy hair, especially the dry ones.

Pros: Moisturizer. Hair Strength. Root Repairing. Protects from UV rays. Volume.

My favorite because… I really like this activating lotion, because it can be use for different purposes. For example, for dry hair could be use as a moisturizer lotion, it will leave the hair with a great shine. For those who have thin hair, enhance the strength of roots and also add more volumen. Finally also works as a ‘sunscreen’ for the hair, thanks to its powerful protecting ingredients from the UV rays.

Price: $ (125 ml)

Posted by:Alfonso Luna-Soto

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