Sisleÿum for Men by Sisley

Name: Sisleÿum for Men.

Category: Anti-Aging and revitalizing cream.

Target: Dry skin. Reduce and firm face wrinkles.

How: 1. After cleanse skin, apply one pump onto face.

         2.Spread gently with fingertips all over the face.

         3. Let skin absorbs it.

When: Twice-daily, morning and night.

Recommended for: Dry skins, over 35 years old.

Pros: Tones. Revitalize. Youthful appearance. Anti-aging. High-end active ingredients.

My favorite because… Sisley is one of the most exclusive beauty brands. All of its products has been developed with the highest technologies and best active ingredients. For this reason, I was really excited when Sisley launched a line of products exclusively for men’s skin. The main product of this men’s line is Sisleÿum, a moisturizer cream with a wide range of benefits to men’s skin. Due to its eight active ingredients, Sisleÿum works perfectly as an anti-aging, healing and protecting cream, leaving dry skin ready to resist the daily harmful effects.

Price: $275 (50 ml)

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