Summer, vacation and sunscreen time.

Summer, vacation and sunscreen time.

Summertime is the season when we should pay more attention to skincare. The hottest temperatures and the sunlight intensity of UVA and UVB rays, could harsh the deepest layer of our skin. Causing irritations, multiple types of sunburns and even leading to skin cancer. For these reasons, apply sunscreen protection is very important. In this article you will find a guide of everything you need to know about sunscreens.

How does it work: The UVA rays (skin aging and lead to cancer) and UVB rays (tanning and burning the skin) penetrate and reach the deepest layer of the skin. The sunscreen protects us from this rays, combining a different active ingredients that reflects the sunlight. Always choose a sunscreen that protect from the two types of damaging rays.

Who and when to use: Anyone over the age of six months should use sunscreen, La Roche-Posey has a specific line of products for young skins. Has to be apply it everyday, even on cloudy days and cold seasons. It has to be your final step on your skin care routine (after moisturizing) It is a must!

SPF importance: If you take any bottle of sunscreen you will see the ‘SPF’ (Sun Protection Factor) is the relative measure of how long a sunscreen will be protect you from UVA and UVB rays. For example if you pick a SPF 15, means that you will be protected for 150 minutes (10 x 15) and you need to reapply after that period of time. The minimum recommended SPF is 15, and the best options are the ones of 30-50, because blocks the 97 percent of sun’s rays.

Tip: If you find a sunscreen with a broad spectrum higher than 50, it is pretty sure that cannot protect better than a SPF of 50.

How much and often: Apply enough sunscreen over your skin (Smooth all over the body, without leaving a white layer) 15 minutes before going outdoors. Reapply it depending on your SPF number. After exposure for a long period of time to sunlight, you should reapply it every two hours.

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