Vax’In For Youth: Youth Protecting Water Pure & Fresh by Givenchy

Name: Vax’In For Youth: Youth Protecting Water Pure & Fresh.

Category: Protecting and exfoliating lotion.

Target: Urban skin.

How: 1.After apply cleanser, dispense onto a cotton pad three pumps.

         2.Sweep gently over the face and neck.

         3.Let the skin absorbs it. Continue with moisturizer and sunscreen.

When: 3 times a week in the morning.

Recommended for: Normal and dry skins over 30 years old.

Pros: Antioxidant. Youthful.Urban Skin. Exfoliator. Purify. Detox. Natural glow.

My favorite because… Vax’In City Skin Solution line is a perfect option for the urban male. The high concentration of polluted atmospheres in the cities, harm and irritate our skin, losing it the natural glow and achieving a dull skin. For those reasons, the first product that I want to review of Vax’In is the protecting lotion. Created to suit the needs of people who lives in urban areas, the Vax’In lotion formula contains a special complex (StoPollution) that eliminates the pollutant particles and impurities, and restores the natural brightness in our skin. But do not overuse this lotion, because also works as a soft exfoliator that could irritate your skin.

Price: $40 (200 ml)

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