Molding Clay by American Crew

Name: Molding Clay.

Category: Hair styling cream.

Target: Hair.

How: 1.Remove a small amount of the molding clay.

         2. Rub between palms to soften product.

         3. Distribute evenly through up the hair and style as desired with your hands or a comb.

When: Daily.

Recommended: Thick hair and short styles.

Main ingredient: Beeswax (an excellent natural holding power) and essential oils.

Pros: High hold. Medium shine. Long-lasting effect. Last a long time.

My favorite because… American Crew self-designated as the official grooming supplier to men. With a wide range of hair stylers creams, this Molding Clay let you manipulate your hair into any style. This clay is perfect to achieve a natural strong shape, also does not matter if you play sports or have a tough day, only need to apply it in the morning because of its long-lasting effect.

Price: $13 (85g)

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