All you need to know about perfumery (Part 2)

Dilution classes:

Parfum: It is not common to find a fragrance with only perfume absolute, but if you find one, you will discover that contains a highest concentration of perfume, therefore has a higher cost than the others types of fragrances. Typically contains 15-40% of natural oils.

Eau de Parfum: This dilution class could be compare as haute-couture in fashion. All this fragrances have a long-lasting effect and are compound for a few aromatic notes. In most of cases include at least an exotic or exclusive ingredient, like iris, oud, patchouli or frankincense. Normally contains 10-20% of perfume concentrated.

Eau de Toilette: Most of the fragrances that you have ever smelled belong to this category. A large amount of notes are combined to achieve a wide range of aromas. These category is a great option to use as a daily fragrance thanks to its light concentration of aromas. Contains 5-15% of pure perfume essence.

Eau de Cologne: The most diluted version, the scent of this fragrance could be distinguishable for a short-lived period of time. You need to apply it at least 3 times a day, because only contains 2-5% of perfume.

The most exclusive and weird ingredients:

Perfumery is all about scents and extracts and the good blend you do with them, for this reason I would like to share with you some of the most eccentric and exclusive ingredients that you could find in a fragrance.

Ambergris: This is the intestinal secretion from sperm whale, I know sounds weird, but for a correct use in perfumery, needs to spent years (20-30 years) floating in the ocean to attain a softer and florar aroma.


Frankincense: Also called White Incense, is a middle East resin, with a form of a tear, can only be collect twice a year. By definition, this scent reminds to antique and ancestral aromas


Iris: Definitely one of my favorites scents, it is a very fragile flower and to get the right production for perfumery needs to be aged for 3 to 5 years. The iris oil does not loose quality within years, and its aromas is an evident reference of ‘cold elegance’.


Musk: This aroma it is extracted from a oder gland between the legs of Musk Deer, the odor it is to pleasant in a natural way, but in extreme dilution is highly prized as a sensual scent. Now the Musk Deer is endangered and protected, so this aromas has to be replicated via synthetically.


Oud: Also known as an Argarwood is reputed to be the most expensive wood in the world. The Argarwood oil is produced as a protective oil of consequence to a fungal attack. To produce 12ml of oil, it is require a minimum of 20kg of resin.


Patchouli: Unfortunately in 70’s, hippies wore synthetic formulas of patchouli, and immediately was associated as a heady and too common fragrance. But actually patchouli is an exotic bush of green leaves, that only grows on India with a wonderful strong herbal scent.


Rose: The king of flowers also is one of the most difficult essential oils to extract, to get only 1 ml of oil roughly 2,000 of roses are required.


Sea Water: Have ever thought on water’s aroma? This scent has been created via lab by synthetic components. The result is a watery refreshing aroma perfect for summer fragrances.


Posted by:Alfonso Luna-Soto

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