Name: Moisturizing stick for lips Ictyane.

Category: Lip Balm.

Target: Dry and chapped lips.

How: 1.Roll up the wheel, just a few millimeters from the base.

         2.Apply to your lips one or two times, starting from the corner of your bottom lip and ending at the top of the other lip.

         3. Let the skin absorbs it.

When: As many as needed (up to four times a day)

Recommended for: Dry skin.

Main ingredientes: Vaseline and She Butter.

Pros: Hydrating. Protect. Dermatological. Active ingredients. Odorless. Masculine.

My favorite because… All Ducray’s products are developed following the main goal of achieve the highest level of comfort applying, combined with the dermatological formulas with active components. In the case of Ictyane line the main ingredient is vaseline, a magnificent ingredient that protects, moisturizes and repairs the driest layer of skin. In the particular case of this lip balm, regenerates chapped lips and leaves it without sticky finish.

Price: $7.09 (3 g)

Posted by:Alfonso Luna-Soto

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