Charcoal for beauty

Charcoal for beauty

Sometimes when we think about the ingredients used in beauty industry, comes to our mind a luxurious, exotic and fancy therms that we have never heard before, and you are totally right to think in that way! But sometimes the main ingredient in a beauty product is very common and is actually in our day life. That is the case of activated charcoal, a type of carbon but with bigger porous than normal charcoal. This kind of charcoal is known for its great absorption properties of organic toxins of every kind, skin experts said that it could absorb one to two hundred times its weight in impurities. For that reason activated charcoal, has been used different areas as a water filtration, medical usages as an emergency decontaminant for body intoxications and even a charcoal diet based on a great variety of detox juices. Clearly, beauty and grooming brands let not overlook this opportunity and launched a wide range of products with different purposes,as a cleansers, body washes and body and face masks. The results of using activated charcoal products are pretty successful because it works as a magnet who draws out dirt and impurities, as a plus the appearance and textures of the formulas are really different and unique because of the distinctive black color. I will be continue reviewing more active charcoal products, but in the meantime I will share you a list of some brands that have been incorporated this unique ingredient in their formulas.


Bioré was a pioneer of using charcoal, now it has a full range of ‘black cleansers’ focused in get rid of impurities inside pores, obviously the main ingredient of this line is activated charcoal. You could find cleansers, pore strips (I am a big fan of this), a charcoal bar soap and a self-heating one-minute mask.



Another big name if we talk about charcoal beauty, following its principles of natural and no-harmful formulas. Activated charcoal is a great market niche for Boscia, if you go to Sephora you will find every kind of skin care based on charcoal. My favorite? Difficult to say, but I will go for the cleansing cloths.



The beauty emporium of Estée Lauder, includes this ingredients in its most natural and eco-friendly beauty brand Origins. Its bamboo charcoal is ready to use in shower time with a specific line called Clear Improvement, available as a bar soap, body wash and scrub.


The Body Shop

Following the ancient Asian beauty secret of de-stressing and calming, The Body Shop formulated this body clay with Himalayan Charcoal, helping to improve the look of the whole skin. We will be waiting for more products of this relaxing line.


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