Prospectors Gold Rush Pomade by Prospectors

Name: Prospectors Gold Rush Pomade by Prospectors.

Category: Pomade.

Target: Hair.

How: 1.Apply a pea-size into your palms.

          2. Run and spread evenly in your palms

          3.Apply and distribute to hair and style with a comb.

When: Daily.

Recommended: All hair types.

Pros: Water Soluble. Natural Shine. Moisturize hair. Healthy scalp. Hemp Oil.

My favorite because… Harmful hairstyle products are outdated, now is becoming more common to find hair products formulated with new, natural and healthy ingredients for the scalp. In this pomade the key ingredient is hemp oil, with a benefical properties to hair, preventing water loss, acting as a natural moisturizer and finally could work as a stimulating for hair growth.

Tip: It is a common mistake apply a lot of pomade to hair to get a long-lasting effect, with Porspectors’ pomade you do not need to do that, a small amount is enough for the whole day, and if you want to re-com throughout the day just reset pomade with a small amount of water.

Price: $ 7.50 (43g)

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