Name: Hair Refresher.

Category: Dry Shampoo.

Target: Dirty Hair.

How: 1.Shake well, then apply to dry hair, in a distance about 20 cm.

         2.Start from the roots and then apply to the rest of your hair. (Try to spray a maximum of 6 to 8 short bursts in all your hair)

         3.Leave it for a minute and then brush trough your hair.

         4. After this, only if you want, you could use a hair styling product.

When: Days when you do not have time to take a shower.

Recommended for: All hair types. Works better if you have short and straight hair.

Ingredients: Lemongrass Oil, Rice Starch and Lemon Extract.

Pros: Refresh. Clean. No-water. Volume. Carbon-neutral. Hair care. Sustainability.

My favorite because… First of all I would tell you my point of view of wash your hair everyday, some people says that it is not good for the hair because of the harsh ingredients and chemicals  that is formulated. In my opinion you could wash it daily, only if you use the correct shampoo for your type of hair, all the shampoos that I will be reviewing in this web page are a great option to use everyday. Having said this, Davines’ Hair Refresher it is a dry shampoo that you could use on those days you are in a rush. After applied this product, your hair will be clean, with no impurities and with a great smell. Finally, another usage for this dry shampoo is has a hair refresher after a long day, apply some on your hair to add volumen and make it look fresh for your evening activities.

Price: $28.50 (150 ml)

Posted by:Alfonso Luna-Soto

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