Grooming Guide for Summer

Grooming guide for summer

Doesn’t matter if we are in a hot or cold season, we should never miss to take care of our appearance. In summertime, as a consequence of sunny days and hotter temperatures your skin gets dry, irritated and sun’s UV rays could damage the fiber of our skin. For these reasons it is important to know some grooming recommendations, to get a healthy, fresh and protected skin during summer.

Use water-based products

The water-based products are the best option when weather gets hotter. My favorite is the matifying moisturizer #Shine No More by Givenchy, thanks to its lightweight formula of Sparkling Water Complex moisturize the skin, leaving it non-oily, with a fresh and soft sensation.


Block the sun

Clearly a sunscreen it is a must! If you are getting one, you should consider these simple tips. First, choose a lightweight texture sunscreen with a SPF of 50, second, remember that it needs to be reapplied every 2 hours if you have been directly exposure to the sun, and every 4 hours if you been indoors. One of my favorites it is the Power Protector SPF 50 from Lab Series, it is odorless and non-oily.


Stay fresh and cool

After a long day of exposure to UV rays your skin will get irritated, and in a worst case, could be affected by sunburns. This is the moment to apply thermal water that relieves and calms the irritated skin. The organic Grape Water by Caudalíe instantly will nourish and soothe your skin (Soon I will write a review from this amazing product)


Go Hairless

If you want to feel totally fresh it is time to shave, trim or wax your body hair. I know it could sounds risky, but this is a growing trend, especially for those who want to show off his summer body. There are a lot of options, probably I should make an article about it, but in the meantime you could start with the Gillette Body Razor, thanks to its rounded head you could reach that tricky spots.


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