Indigo by Nest

Name: Indigo by Nest.

Category: Eau de Parfum.

Target: Body.

How: 1.Spray around neck, over shoulders and stomach.

When: Once a day.

Main notes: Moroccan tea, Cashmere wood, Fig and Cardamon.

Aroma: Herbal. Spicy. Botanical. Opulent. Intense. Nocturne.

Perfect moment: A dinner for two under the moonlight.

Type of man: Perfect for a man who loves innovative blends in perfumery.

About the brand: I felt in love with this brand since the first time that I discovered the whole collection, so unique and exotic scents that works as unisex. In the peculiar case of Indigo combines three different families in perfumery: Fruits (fig) herbs (moroccan tea) and synthetic woody-aroma (cashmere) the result it is an intense-classic aroma that works either for men and women.

Price: $68 (50 ml)

2 thoughts on “Indigo by Nest

  1. I just tried 5 nest scents, indigo stood out to me above all the favorites. It is indeed opulent and nocturne with a touch of gourmand from the wild fig.


    1. I am really happy that you read the article, and I love more your opinion about fragrances.I can tell you have a very good taste about scents.


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