Phytodéfrisant by Phyto

Name: Phytodéfrisant.

Category: Hair botanical gel-balm.

Target: Hair.

How: 1.Apply a pea-size amount on clean hair.

          2.Distribute and style evenly over hair with a comb.

When: Daily.

Recommended: All hair types.

Pros: Botanical formula. Tames unruly, frizzy and rebellious hair. Instantly absorb.

My favorite because… Phyto’s hair products follow two main principles: create less harmful formulas for hair and use the power of plants to create new botanical hair care trends. This gel-balm has 99% of natural ingredients (ferula, horseradish and sage) so you don’t have to worry for damage that could cause on your hair, on the contrary combination of plant extracts respect and protect the hair fiber.

Tip: The main characteristic of this gel-balm is the heat-activated, so use a blow-dry styling to get a better result on your hair style.

Price: $ 30

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