The Best Shower Grooming Products.

The best shower grooming products.

If you want to start take care of your appearance you should begin in the shower. Why? Because we well-known these products (how to use it and for what does it works) and also most of them could be find in all kinds of department and grocery stores.

I will recommend you five products as your essentials, does not matter if you are going out to a trip or take a shower at the gym, you must carry them everywhere. So lets star!


I rather chose shower gels than bar soaps, because are easy to dispense, have great aroma and a long lasting effect (just my personal point of view), my favorites are the Adidas wash gels, specially the Champions League Star Editon, a limited edition with an energizer and athletic scent. For face try the Multi-Action Face Wash of Lab Series, apply a small amount and smooth all over the face, this product cleans and soft exfoliate the skin, I highly recommend it!



Now lets talk about hair, as you know one of my best-liked shampoos is the Rene Furterer Forticiea, a formula with microspheres excellent for male scalp. If you have oily and dry scalp wash them every day and for normal four times a week. Other product for those who suffer hair loss is the Body & Strenght 1-munite Intensive Care of L’Occitane, a nourishing fortify cream for fine and fragile hair, apply a small amount and spread in wet hair, leave in for one minute and rinse well.



Last but not least a dual sided grooming tool with an ergonomic design, a shower tool by Dove Men+Care, instead of use your hand choose this to get better results with your body wash. One side is a scrubber for a rough areas like knees and elbows. The other side is a soft mesh that distributes the perfect amount of shower gel in your body.


One thought on “The Best Shower Grooming Products.

  1. De acuerdo para bañarse ,en otro lugar que no sea la regadera de tu casa, es mejor el gel que la barra de jabón


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